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Christi Carpenter

Christie Carpenter pic.jpg

My earliest memory of being interested in ceramics was at Storrowton Village in Massachusetts. I was amazed that a lump of clay could be transformed into a functional vessel. Before my eyes the skilled hands created a pitcher. Similarly I was inspired by the way in which the raw materials of wool come together to make clothing and three dimensional shapes. Over the years I have dabbled in several art forms. I found myself continually amazed by the unlimited potential of experimenting with fluid materials that have endless possibilities. I mostly work on the wheel throwing pots, these can include bowls, vases, pitchers etc. I have enjoyed adding textures, carving, and adjusting the shapes of the thrown pieces. Recently I have started altering and combining my thrown pieces in order to create completely new pieces by hand. This is a bit outside of my comfort zone and surprisingly I have really enjoyed it!

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