Hunting, 15 x 30.  Looking back, my childhood was rich, and I credit my parents for such colorful memories: Grunion hunting on the beach. Only in California. You go at night. With lanterns. High tide. And wait. Quietly. These grunion fish swim onto the beach with the high tide and THOUSANDS of female fish wriggle into the sand and lay eggs and the males fertilize them in a matter of seconds before the next wave comes. So, you scramble and GRAB BY HAND tons of flopping and wriggling 9” fish BY HAND. Only by hand. That is the law. And when can anyone EVER catch fish by HAND? Then mom cleans and fries them up next day for dinner. Good memories in the ‘70’s. Thank you Mom and Dad! (Iridescent Bronze and Iridescent Gold Fine) Photo model: Jove my sonNote: I’m trying to go minimalist and it’s been very refreshing. One technique is limiting my color palette.