"Piers" iridescent abstract 30x40"


Excited about symbolism. You might be amused to psychoanalyze. My parents took us to lots of fishing piers to fish and explore in California, and being small with zoris, I feared falling or to lose my shoes through the (sometimes loose) pier slats. Why did I have such fear? My sisters didn't. I had such a vivid imagination from being afraid of heights and even of the Muppets on tv! I could barely walk, and sometimes crawled, on the pier slats as I saw the dark ocean swirling below! I come from a family of fishermen, I needed to be able to walk on piers! Now that I'm grown up, I am totally fine with piers...but....my dog Rosco is fearful now!


note: I made the pier slats farther apart at the top...because maybe in my mind I imagined them farther apart than in reality