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Robert Izzi


In the early seventies, as a teacher at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California, I was introduced to clay and throwing pots.  A friend and fellow football coach used his key to access the art department where he set the hook and I was caught by the art of pottery making. 

A year later I brought my creative pottery skills back to Bremerton and further developed them through the Independent Study Program at Olympic Community College.  Under the tutelage of pottery instructor, Bill Vokaleck, I honed throwing skills, acquired an understanding of the chemistry of clay and glazes, kiln firing and kiln construction.  I am indebted to his encouragement and his shared expertise.

Along the years, I continued to study at workshops including Archie Bray in Helena, Montana, Seattle Pottery with Robert Pipenberg, Clay Space on Puget Sound, and most recently, with Joe Brecca of Clay Art in Tacoma, Washington to learn techniques of pit and sagger firing, and horse hair applications.

Upon retiring from teaching math and pottery at Bremerton High School, my wife Katherine and I established our pottery business, Guillemot Cove Pottery, in Seabeck, Washington.  Here I work in my studio and continue to experience the satisfaction of working and creating with my hands.  Relinquishing the final outcome of each piece to the firing brings its own reward.

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