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Dale Nelson


Woodwork in the Kumiko style, is an ancient Japanese woodworking technique, made of many wooden bars crossed and laid to form various designs and expressions.  The wooden parts are put together by adjusting grooves and angles and the interlocking pieces are all cut by hand. 

A musician for 35 years, playing rhythm guitar, Dale is self-taught and has been learning and improving his technique over the last two years.  He made the move from music to woodworking and he loves woodworking because he can do it himself and does not need help to have a finished piece.  The lamp shown is an example and is not for sale.  Dale is using walnut, cherry and maple wood with washi rice paper.  The pattern on top is Asanoha and on the side is Yea Asanoha. 

The lamp at the Sidney Art Gallery is not for sale.  Dale takes orders by request.  It usually takes one week to complete the project.  The lamp will come with a tea light and remote control.  Each piece is unique and made to order, the interlocking pieces all cut by hand.

Price for the 12 in x 8 in x 8 in lamp is $200.  A lamp 8 x 8 x 8 is $100.  Wall hangings like the butterfly are $100. 50% deposit is required.


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Top of the lamp
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