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Donna Vaquer


Clay-making has been my main profession since about 1980 (Salamander Pottery) and I have never tired of the limitless possibilities that can emerge from a simple lump of clay.  My work has been mostly decorative but usually with some degree of functionality.  I ‘semi-retired’ in 2009 and we stopped going to the art and craft fairs, but I have always maintained my connection with Sidney Gallery and the many good-hearted people who work and volunteer here.

When Covid 19 hit us this Spring, I was looking for things to do and decided to try throwing pots again.  Well, it wasn’t just like getting on a bike after an absence of many years; it was a challenge, but one which I am enjoying.  I have given these new pots a visible connection with ‘2020’ in hopes that we will be able to create beauty out of the sorry state of our world today.  We can make it happen!

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