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Kate Larsson

Larsson Bio Picture.jpg

I took my first watercolor class in October, 1996.  In September of 1998 I had my first solo show and was accepted into my first art   gallery.  I began entering fine art shows and juried events.


My art process is simple.  I take my own photos and use them to create a composition.  I focus on color, pattern and movement.  I begin painting what appeals to me and then, if I am lucky, the vision takes over.  I work over the entire piece, one section at a time.   After the 1st application of watercolor has dried, I reapply another coat.  I continue glazing until I have applied 5 to 8 applications of color.  I use transparent paints to maintain the “white of the paper” resulting in vibrant and intense coloration.  My emphasis is always on color, pattern and movement.

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