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Linda Ricci

Linda Ricci - Side Door Pottery


My obsession with clay started with a spur of the moment clay class.   It has become a big part of my life ever since.  I am mostly self taught, learning from workshops and  Pottery DVD’s,   I continue to learn and experiment with many techniques.  I am not afraid to take chances, or fail.  


I hand paint my designs one piece at a time, each one an original.  On occasion I use underglaze transfer designs along with my original paintings,  I throw on a pottery wheel, or form my pieces one at a time,  There is no pouring molds used or purchased bisque ware.  


Before pottery I was a painter.  Then came along pottery!.  I have settled on painting illustrations on many of my pottery pieces.  Creating my own patterns and designs.   The illustrations here is the Christmas design of my Birch tree series.  The most popular of all my designs.  Illustrating,  as well as the making of pottery has become  very time consuming, therefore  I am experimenting on one beautiful glaze I am happy with.   A crystalline glaze.


My work is functional every day use pieces, designed to be used and enjoyed every day. Please do so.  My clay preference is Porcelain.   


Other decorating techniques I am fond of and would have in my inventory is Sgraffito, carving, & Slip trailing. 


My work is food safe, dishwasher & microwave safe, although I recommend hand washing.  


I sell my work privately, at local shows and galleries. 

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