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Sidney Art Gallery presents . . .

The Winners Circle

First place winners from the prior year's annual Helen Norris Open Art Show are featured during The Winners Circle Show.  The winners from 2020 Helen Norris Open Art Show, held during July 2020, are:

Oil/Acrylic - Shirley Sakatani

Watercolor - Anna Hower (who could not participate.  Second place went to Kim Spence, showcased here)

Drawing - Janette Stiles

Photography - Dorothy Shrimplin

Mixed Media - Victoria Tierney

Mixed Media 3d - Dan Spence

2021-01-10 11.59.11.jpg

Shirley Sakatani


My name is Shirley Sakatani and I love to create: whether it's whimsical greeting cards, realistic pet portrait or large scale splashy, vivid, and bright acrylic paintings...All of my art can be made into cards or prints.


Kim Spence


Kim likes playing with color!

Living in Port Orchard since 1993, she paints in water color, and oil, and creates art with fabric and quilting. She draws inspiration from her love of nature and her dreams.

Kim was originally trained as an illustrator and graphic artist but was attracted to the freedom of fine art. She also paints on driftwood collected on back packing trips to the ocean with her husband, kids and grandkids.

Kim says being creative puts her in the present monent.

Artist's Photo Janette Stiles.jpg

Janette Stiles


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