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The Winners Circle

The Winners Circle is an annual show at the Sidney Art Gallery shared by the first place winners of the previous Helen Norris Open Art Show.  Usually held in May, the 2020 show was held up until July due to COVID.  The categories are oil/acrylic, watercolor, drawing, photography, mixed media, and mixed media 3d.  Our Winners Circle for 2021 are a group of multi-talented and dedicated artists.  

Artists in the Winners Circle



Kim Spence


Kim likes playing with color!

Living in Port Orchard since 1993, she paints in water color, and oil, and creates art with fabric and quilting. She draws inspiration from her love of nature and her dreams.  Read More


Shirley Sakatani


I'm an artist that specializes in large, vibrant, and sometimes splashy acrylic fine art paintings. I also paint realistic pet portraits and Japanese themed abstracts (from my childhood and family heritage).  Read More


Victoria Tierney

Mixed Media

Victoria is a poet, photographer, and lover of mixed medium. More recently turning her eye toward collage with fabrics. She started her involvement in art by studying black & white photography,  Read More


Deborah Shrimplin


I call myself an art thief.  I can't draw or paint or see delicate shades in color.  When I took a class in basic photography composition by Ginny Banks, I realized photography isn't the intimidating digital technology I thought it was.  It is a an art form. Read More

Artist's Photo Janette Stiles.jpg

Janette Stiles


I am a visual artist living and working in Union, Washington from my home studio. I would sum up my artistic style as primarily realistic with some detours into intuitive art and whimsical inventions of my imagination. I work in several mediums in many genres. Read More


Dan Spence

Mixed Media 3d

Sculptures made with fused glass and vintage typewriter parts.

I've lived in Port Orchard since 1993. My career in graphic design allowed me to utlize my creative abilities. But my real creativity comes out in my sculptures.  Read More

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